Our mission is to make your festival camping experience as easy and stress-free as possible.


Our Story:

Eforest was our first camping festival. We had packed diligently and thought we had a pretty good idea of what kind of camping gear we needed to bring. Oh boy, were we dead wrong. Needless to say, we had to make a dozen trips to the store, spend way more money than we had expected, and stress out about whether or not we checked off every box throughout the entire festival. After looking at hundreds of blog posts and forum threads from people who were going through the exact same thing and wondering what to bring to this type of camping festival, I thought to

Festival campers at a music festival.

myself “there has to be an easier way!”

After that, we consolidated a fully comprehensive list of items that we knew were absolutely necessary to survive a weekend-long music festival. Our goal was to make a “Full Package” festival camping gear kit that was both affordable of the highest quality

We’ve put our kit to the test countless times since then, and realized that the best part of having a Camp Champ kit is that you get to reuse your gear festival after festival, eliminating the need to worry about the next overnight you’re planning to make. You’ve got everything you need for many festival seasons to come!

Since then, we’re working toward becoming a vendor at many of these festivals, where we’ll be offering the same high-quality, low-cost festival camping gear you’ll see on our website.

Our entire goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible from your festival camping experience. So gear up, enjoy the atmosphere, and let us worry about the details!